The Book of Negroes Response 3 (Pages 163-233)

This reading begins with Georgia caring for Aminata after Appleby’s attack on her. Chekura returns one night and they decide to get married. They do the typical jumping over the broom and breaking the wine glass ceremony and they are married in secret. Georgia finds out that Aminata is pregnant by Chekura and warns Aminata to be cautious about the baby. Her warnings are wise, as Appleby gets very angry that Aminata is pregnant. He brings her in front of all the other slaves and publicly tortures her. He takes all her clothes and burns them. Then he cuts off all her hair and shaves her head. He then washes her head with soap which burns all the razor cuts on her scalp. Next time he warns that he will beat her, and sends her on her way. Aminata has her baby and cares for him, who she named Mamadu after her father, while waiting for Chekura to return. It took him two weeks after his son was born to see him though. The security at his plantation had been increased and it had made it very difficult for him to leave at night. One night, as Aminata slept, her baby way taken away from her. She woke up and frantically ran out of her hut to try to save Mamadu, but it was too late. Appleby had sold him to another slave owner. Aminata basically broke down and went into depression. She refused work and only lied in her bed. Eventually Appleby sold her to a man named Solomon Lindo, and this ends book two.Indigo plantation

This is a picture of an indigo plantation during the 18th century. This plantation probably wouldn’t be much different than the one Aminata worked on.

The only emotions I really felt from this reading were when Appleby sold Aminata’s son. That made me very upset because I couldn’t imagine having part of my family taken away from me and sold. I just wouldn’t be able to function, just the way Aminata has reacted. Other than that, I got very angry at how Appleby tortured Aminata. What makes me even more mad is how things like that still happen today. We may not think it happens because it doesn’t happen here, but torture is a very real thing and still happens all over the world. Other than those things, I pretty much just read through the reading and didn’t connect to anything else.


3 thoughts on “The Book of Negroes Response 3 (Pages 163-233)

  1. I like how you mentioned that these things still happen today. A lot of focus in the Western world is on slavery as this ancient atrocity but to this day terrorist groups like Boko Haram and the Islamic State kidnap and take people captive as slaves. Slavery is not a thing of the past its a present day issue that we, as a society, turn a blind eye to.


  2. Your response is very well-written. You have a very detailed and factual summary of the events that took place in this reading. However, you missed a big chunk about Aminata’s life in Charles Town, and her relationship with the Lindos. You could also have mentioned how she enhanced her learning during the time, as that was a significant change in her life. Your emotional response is very true as well. It is hard to make connections to this book but you did a great job to connect it with the world today. I agree with the fact that slavery still exists today, and many people still go through the experiences Aminata was tested on.


  3. I feel as that you should have mentioned something about Dolly, the Lindo’s and Charles Town. Solomon Lindo and Mrs.Lindo are a critical part, because Aminata grieved over Mrs.Lindo’s death the most and that put her into a critical situation with Mr.Lindo and his sister. After Mrs.Lindo and her son’s death, Aminata was not allowed to go to the funeral, and all she could do was grieve at home. Mr.Lindo then left after his family passed away, and Aminata was handed over to his sister who she did not like. I feel like all of this stuff that happened in Charles Town was a critical section of Book Two because it also explains to readers that Solomon Lindo had a role in the actions that took place back at Appleby’s plantation when her child was sold. Missing this entire section was very critical, however I did also like how you mentioned that slavery and torturing people still happen today in our society.


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